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Deep Onion - Privacy Oriented Crypto based on Anonymous TOR network

A privacy-oriented crypto communicating through the Tor network reduces the possibility of being attacked by legal or illegal entries. The privacy-oriented crypto wallet integrated with the Blockchain-based decision-making platform ensures democratic decision-making for a project. DeepOnion ensures ownership verification of the digital files without revealing the customer identity through blockchain.

100xCoin - Auto-deflation and Auto-liquidation Cryptocurrency token

100xCoin (California, USA) is an auto-deflation and auto-liquidation cryptocurrency token, issued on the Binance Smart Chain having more than 64,000 community members, providing transparency and fair Tokenomics to holders.

Good Pay Global - Blockchain Solutions for Token-based Payments

Specialized in small businesses based on Blockchain, Good Pay Global develops a token-based payment solution for foreigners traveling to Korea and other nations. Empowering people to participate in the fully global economy, Good Pay Global offers a digital eCommerce open market platform to deliver an enhanced P2P trading experience through Blockchain technology.

Probit Exchange - Global Cryptocurrency Exchange.

It is one of the Top 20 Crypto-Exchange in world. ProBit offers its users to trade more than 340 cryptocurrencies in nearly 600 markets, making it one of the best exchanges for the latest coins and tokens.

Ethereum Based Gift Coupon System

Implementation of ethereum smart contract based gift coupon system, in this system user, can load any ERC20/ERC223 tokens. Using that tokens they can create a gift coupon and distribute that coupons to people.

ZeosX ICO - The Cryptocurrency Bank

It is a decentralized platform aiming to revolutionize the traditional banking industry. Its ecosystem consists of cryptocurrency exchange, deposits, and withdrawals, investments and lending.

Blockchain Based Financial Inclusion Platform

Ethereum Based CryptoNote E-Voucher. ERC20 Tokens (FEX, BANQA, SAVER, ST20, ST20E).

Ethereum Based Food Supply Chain

Implementation of food supplychain using ethereum smart contract addressing the issue of storing critical data necessary at different stages of supplychain and making it verifiable by all stakeholders in supplychain.

Ethereum Based Medicine Supply Chain

Implementation of Medicine Supply Chain using Ethereum addresses the issue of handling & storing critical data necessary at different stages of the medicine supply chain. It helps stakeholders to track & trace the medicines, and consumers can verify the authenticity of the medicine.

Blockchain Based Coffee Supply Chain

Implementation of coffee supply chain using ethereum smart contract addressing the issue of storing critical data necessary at different stages of supply chain and making it verifiable by all stakeholders in supply chain.

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