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RWaltz provides highly scalable and fully customizable Crypto Wallet application and digital wallet solutions to help you run your business more smoothly.

Our Features of Crypto Wallet App Development

Wallet Backup

All Your transaction history will be automatically backed up in our secure storage, and you will receive a monthly statement via email. Customers appreciate a feature that relieves them of one more item to worry about in their daily lives.

Multi-Currency Support

Customers can pay for your goods or services in the Cryptocurrency they are most familiar with.Creating multi-currency wallets with excellent UI/UX supporting popular crypto coins like BTC, ETH, Litecoin, ERC20 tokens, and multiple altcoins can help to stand out in the competition.

Robust Security

Creating cryptocurrency wallets with blockchain technology to form a trustless and decentralized ecosystem. Implementing cryptographic security methods and end-to-end encryption for secure and tamper-proof recorded transactions.

Why RWaltz for Crypto Wallet App Development?

RWaltz Software provides best-in-class wallet-building services for cryptocurrencies. We create feature-rich, highly secure, and reliable digital wallet solutions at the most affordable prices by utilizing the up-to-date technology stack. We specialize in assisting you in creating your own wallet with the help of a team of exceptionally talented cryptocurrency developers.

We concentrate on creating wallets that are highly secure, dependable and scalable, allowing you to stay ahead of the cryptocurrency game.

Blockchain Development For Various Industries

Banking and Finance

Financial players are the first movers to experiment on this technology. Many banks are trying their hand out on blockchain services for money transfers, record keeping and other back-end functions. Paperwork in banks will be converted to digital records like excel and many more technologies with the help of blockchain. With the help of Blockchain verified documents, financial crimes can be reduced. With KYC (know your customer) you can help to eliminate the money laundering and terrorism activities. Blockchain would help to reduce the mediator intervention in payment transaction systems so beneficiaries can benefit most from banking and finance.

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