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Energy Ledger

Blockchain based Power Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain Management

Energy Ledger is a patented digital platform powered by Blockchain for oil and gas production, supply chain management, and logistics management. Established to raise the bottom line of enterprises across all sizes, Energy Ledger can be used for automated contract management and real-time payments settlement.

  • Energy Ledger uses Blockchain technology to measure a transition to the green energy.
  • Through smart transition technology, Energy Ledger rewards waste reduction.


Problems in Existing System

  • The centralized nature of the existing system made it difficult to track and validate the shipment of oil and gas products.
  • Since the stakeholders are located at a wide range of time zones, the logistic operations were slow.

Solution: What We Are Providing?

  • With its decentralized application development services, RWaltz has developed Binance smart chain-based supply chain application offering a flexible way to monitor oil and gas shipment.
  • In addition, through our Blockchain solutions, we are enabling the geographically dispersed stakeholders to validate the oil and gas products, where every stakeholder adds the data on Blockchain.
  • We are developing a staking smart contract helping the users to lock their ELX tokens to avail the monthly rewards.

Components we use

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