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How to Choose Blockchain Development Company for your Project

Blockchain has marked a revolution into the business world with a wide array of opportunities to enhance efficiency and scale growth. Initially, Blockchain Development was just a buzz but now, multiple businesses have started embedding the technology into their operations. Transforming the major industries like healthcare, supply chain, finance, real estate, pharma, etc., Blockchain has paved way for the Digital economy too. According to a report by Statista, it is estimated that around 12 billion dollars will be spent on blockchain programming by the end of 2022.Multiple businesses are outsourcing Blockchain Development to automate business processes. It is crucial for businesses looking for Blockchain development Services to evaluate the Blockchain Development Company on the basis of expertise, resources, team, solutions, clientele, and service excellence. Before you lock a Blockchain Development Company for your project, dive in to check the criteria of choosing the services. Blockchain Consultation While hunting for a Blockchain development company, make sure the company you choose offers expert advice and an outlook to shape your project. Blockchain consultation will assist you at every phase of Blockchain development throughout the project enabling you to understand the business impact of integrating Blockchain solutions into your process. The company offering expert advice on Blockchain solutions understands your project idea, analyses your requirements and proposes the best Blockchain solution to satisfy your needs. Thus, it is important to have experts for Blockchain consultation who can assist you right from ideation to selection of the Blockchain protocol turning your aspiration into the business application. Customized Blockchain SolutionsPre-defined structured Blockchain solutions may not be always suitable to resolve all the business challenges. A complex business structure requires an individual approach to accomplish the requirements. Ensure the Blockchain Development Company has solution experts who understand your business requirements and propose the solution to meet your needs. If the company can help you draft a whitepaper to support the custom design with specifications will be an added advantage for you. Scrutinize the Website of the CompanyCheck the website smartly and look at what do they offer for Blockchain Development Services. Also, verify the content on multiple platforms where they have talked about their services. Analyze their client portfolio and check if they have served some big names from the industry.Before you choose the Blockchain Development Company, dive in deep to explore the client reviews on review websites. These reviews will help you to make a smart choice. Domain ExpertiseThe most popular application of Blockchain is in the finance sector i.e. cryptocurrencies. But, apart from finance Blockchain facilitates solutions to a wide array of industries. It is impractical to assume that every Blockchain Development Company has expertise across the industry verticals. So, to ensure your project takes off successfully, it is crucial to look for a company that has Blockchain expertise across multiple industries or predominantly in your business niche. Dedicated Team It is crucial to have a dedicated team working on your project, check if the company you choose serves you with a team of Blockchain experts. Confirm if the company is offering you Blockchain-certified and experienced professionals in various domains. Also, if the solution experts offer you round-the-clock services and have the potential to complete your project within the estimated deadline will be an added advantage. Wrap UpBlockchain Development Company plays a crucial role while you plan to integrate Blockchain into your process. Before you choose Blockchain Development Services, the above-mentioned tips will guide you to choose an appropriate Blockchain Development Company. Don’t fall prey to low-priced Blockchain Development Services rather, look for service excellence. If you are looking for a top-notch Blockchain Development Company, RWaltz is the right choice for you! Deep dive into our website and schedule a meeting with our solution experts to take your project ahead. We are one of the top blockchain development companies by

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Top Industrial Applications of Blockchain

Blockchain Applications mostly refer to cryptocurrencies and NFTs. But, applications of Blockchain across industries are way ahead of that. Simplifying industrial operations, Blockchain technology has turned out to be a cost-effective solution for enterprises. Why are Enterprises Leveraging Blockchain Solutions? To automate the business processes through smart contract development in Blockchain. Blockchain Development for companies enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Blockchain offers secure transactions and reduces data breaches. What are the Blockchain Applications Across Industries? Media and Entertainment The media companies are leveraging Blockchain Solutions to eliminate the issues related to Intellectual properties and copyright. A detailed analysis says the Blockchain market in the media and entertainment industry is estimated to reach $1.54 billion by 2024. Enterprise Blockchain Development enables artists and creators to digitize their unique content and store the IP rights on a time-stamped, immutable ledger. Blockchain Development for online streaming offers a consumer-friendly and usage-based consumption model. It allows consumers to pay for exactly what they want and also ensures artists receive the payments for their work. Government National, state, and local governments are using Blockchain technology to manage the massive amount of data. Blockchain development for the government safeguards this public data and simplifies maintaining records. With Blockchain technology, the tedious process of filing taxes becomes more efficient as it eliminates human errors with information stored on Blockchain.The voting system integrated with Blockchain technology ensures fair voting easing the roles of government employees. The technology attributes each vote to a government ID eliminating the possibility of generating fake votes and helping the government officials to tally the votes more efficiently and effectively. Insurance The insurance sector is leveraging Blockchain Solutions to drive down costs, increase speed to market and offer enhanced customer experience. Focussing on operational efficiency, blockchain-based insurance offers a single source of truth for transactions between parties driving down the processing time and costs. EY collaborated with Blockchain technology to develop Insurwave to craft a blockchain platform aimed at marine insurance. The solution creates an immutable database between shippers and insurers enabling better risk assessments and faster claim payouts. BankingBanking embedded with Blockchain offers peer-to-peer transactions enabling faster international transfers and monetary transactions. Lending and borrowing are an integral part of the banking ecosystem. Blockchain makes it easier as it offers instant settlements of transactions. The blockchain-based lending system executes collateralized loans through Smart Contracts. The smart contract development on blockchain enables automated service payment, margin call, full loan repayment, and collateral release. Blockchain Development offers decentralized exchanges which are faster and less expensive. In addition, these exchanges don’t require the central authorities to deposit the assets offering greater control and security to the investors. Real Estate Real-estate transfers require massive paperwork to verify financial information and ownership. The property transfer and titles to the new owners is a tedious and time-consuming task. Blockchain for real estate helps to record transactions, providing a more secure and accessible way of verifying and transferring ownership. These speed up transactions, reduce paperwork and save money. Wrap Up Hopefully, the article has enlightened your knowledge of Industrial Blockchain Applications. For further queries connect to our experts. If you are looking to integrate Blockchain solutions into your business operations, take a look at our Enterprise Blockchain Development Services.

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Top Use Cases of Blockchain in the Education Sector

The adoption of Blockchain Technology is growing at a rapid pace across the industrial sectors. Blockchain gained momentum as the pillar of the crypto space but, today its applications are proliferating beyond the finance sector. Now, Blockchain has paved its way into the education sector too, with schools and colleges trying to understand the impact of Blockchain technology in their ecosystem. Blockchain For EducationA recent report by Gartner says, only 2% of higher education institutions are leveraging Blockchain Solutions, while 18% play to go with Blockchain Technology in the future. Blockchain offers secured data storage opportunities generating a wide array of benefits for the education sector. Schools, colleges, and universities are embracing Blockchain to improve the efficiency of student data management and craft a better way to engage learners. Also, Blockchain Technology enables stakeholders like employers to examine the validity of certificates provided by students. Here’s why the education sector is partnering with reliable Blockchain Development Company like RWaltz.Let’s dive in deep to explore more: Top Use Cases of Blockchain Technology in Education Student Record Maintenance The count of student records in every school or college is endless and it becomes difficult to manage this data. With its widespread application in record keeping, Blockchain technology reduces the efforts and time required to manage the massive amount of student data. It streamlines the verification process for transfers between schools and states thus saving the administrator’s time. The digital transcript with detailed information about the students like attendance, courses taken, results, etc. can be accessed to examine the learners. These Blockchain based student records ensure transparency between the education system, teachers, and the students. Courses and Certificates Course certification is the commonly requested student record in schools and colleges. This information is critical as it depicts of the student has passed or failed and should move from one academic level to another. The conventional education system requires manual stamps and multiple signatures to ensure accuracy which is time-consuming. Blockchain technology serves as a badge of achievement through transparent access to student grades across subjects and eliminating these labor-intensive processes. Since the credentials are stored on a distributed ledger, there are no intermediaries verifying the academic results, certificates, etc. These records can be acquired with just a few clicks. Fraud Prevention There have been cases where students have provided false certificates and academic records while interviewing for a company. This leads to unskilled employees being hired by a company and the performance of the team suffers. Blockchain Technology is adopted by institutions because it is resistant to fraud. The information is stored and recorded sequentially with an exact timestamp when it is added to the chain. The certificates or academic records on the chain can’t be altered, which makes tampering with or falsifying the certificates impossible. Decentralized Online Learning Every education institution has a unique specification for their study program that results in inconsistent course content. Also, students rarely have a take on the learning course and merely tend to attend the recorded lectures. Blockchain technology introduces real-time data exchange and interactions between students and teachers.Schools and colleges leverage Blockchain Platform to connect students and teachers. Blockchain technology also enables sharing study kits online and students can purchase a token to doubt resolution from standby tutors. The Blockchain-based platform enables downloading the study kits and lectures facilitating self-learning. Payment Processing Schools, colleges, and universities indulge in monetary transactions with parents, banks, and students for their fees, processing payments, scholarships, exam fee, etc. Education systems have now started collaborating with Blockchain Development companies like RWaltz to make this process smoother. In 2014, King’s College in New York started accepting cryptocurrency for student fees. By the end of this decade, we will surely find more and more education institutions accepting cryptos for fee processing. Wrap UP Hopefully, you have understood the applications of Blockchain Technology in the Education sector. Schools and colleges are integrating Blockchain solutions to ensure transparency with student record management, enhanced the learning experience through seamless teacher-student interaction, prevent certificate faking and eliminate long processes and heavy paperwork. Looking for a reliable Blockchain Development Company? You are at the right place! Just scroll to our Enterprise Blockchain Development Services and request a consultation from us right away!

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How is Blockchain Transforming the Automotive Industry

Blockchain technology gained momentum with the rise of cryptocurrencies but now, automakers are exploring it to design future cars. Blockchain solutions are reshaping the automotive sector by introducing connected, electric and autonomous vehicles.Let’s dive in deep to explore more about Blockchain Development in the Automotive industry. The Era of Connected Cars with Blockchain Technology According to research in 2019, it was estimated that 28.5 million connected vehicles were sold across the globe. Fostering two-way communication between cars and their supporting infrastructure is the crucial element to boost the future of connected cars. Blockchain technology is taking the driving experience to a next level with the ability to collect and communicate data from the surrounding environment. A Blockchain-enabled autonomous car needs continuous updates on road conditions, traffic analysis, car health, etc. The future of driving implies a more simplified version of automotive through smart contracts. How Blockchain Technology is Transforming the Automotive Sector? Secure Payment System Many automotive companies have realized the importance of Blockchain technology and have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment mode. For electric car owners, every time a vehicle is charged an action will be triggered through the smart contract on the Blockchain. The smart contract will execute a code automatically where the appropriate charging cost will be deducted from the user’s account and sent to the power station. Similar will be applied for parking costs, insurance, etc. Automotive Supply Chain The automotive sector is leveraging Blockchain technology to monitor and keep a track of car manufacturing and marketing processes. The car makers are integrating Blockchain solutions to trace the lifecycle of vehicles from start to end and identify defective spare parts. Automotive manufacturers are leveraging Blockchain Development Services to enhance production efficiency and ensure transparent processes reducing logistics management costs. Reduce Fraud and Forgery Blockchain technology can maintain a complete record of the car history right from manufacturing, users, repairs, servicing, accidents, etc. This information recorded on Blockchain cannot be altered and hence it is impossible to deceive the real nature of the vehicle. This information is extremely important when reselling automobiles. Thus, this tamper-proof Blockchain technology offers accurate information to the buyer, thus eliminating fraud and deriving the actual value of the car. Decentralized Ride-sharing Ride-sharing services like Uber and Ola have taken automotive to the next level. Decentralized ridesharing aims to remove intermediaries between rider and driver ensuring secure data storage. This ride-sharing is based on a smart contract that is executed when the pre-defined conditions are met. In case, the rider cancels the ride, the contract releases a small portion of the funds to the driver rather than paying an arbitrary cancellation fee. Eliminating the intermediary, Blockchain-based shared riding enables the riders to choose drivers based on quality, pricing, and other market factors. Car Insurance Blockchain technology enables companies to personalize insurance policies and claim management based on driving behavior, rather than history. The sensors can capture the data like breaking behavior, mileage, etc. which will be stored on Blockchain and accessed by the insurer when needed. This will help the automotive to streamline the vehicle insurance claim process by providing accurate information. CARNOMALY- Blockchain Technology Powers 1st Digital Vehicle Marketplace CARNOMALY leverages Blockchain technology for user-focused, equitable, and transparent buying, owning, and selling of vehicles. CARNOMALY collaborated with a reliable Blockchain Development Company like RWaltz to audit its Smart Contracts. Take a look at the portfolio. If you are looking to develop a clone of CARNOMALY, just scroll yourself to our Blockchain Development Services and schedule a meeting right away. Wrap Up Hopefully, the above article has enlightened you on Blockchain Development for automotive. For further queries, feel free to connect with our experts. If you are looking for a Blockchain Development Company, talk to our experts right away!

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How Blockchain Technology Enhances Mobile App Security?

The technological revolutions have not only introduced new ways of doing business but have also transformed the way hackers breach security. Mobile application security has always been the main concern where users hesitate to share their login details. Blockchain technology has turned out to be an ideal way to strengthen mobile application security. In this era of Digital Transformation, Blockchain solutions are offering robust security to mobile apps. Why Leverage Blockchain for Mobile App Security? Smartphones with advanced features have security loopholes too. We cannot rely on security software to keep hackers away. Blockchain technology acts as a protective shield against hacking maintaining safety standards. Since Blockchain records are immutable, it is impossible to alter the data in the system. Blockchain guarantees 100% data transparency among the stakeholders for mobile app security. The simplicity of Blockchain technology and its ease of access is the main reason for its proliferation in the business world. If you wish to develop your software on Blockchain Technology, take a look at our Blockchain Development Services. You Shouldn't Miss Out on these top 5 Security Benefits of Blockchain Data Transparency Blockchain’s decentralized ledger is one of the popular benefits as it enables users to take control of all the data. It enables all the stakeholders to make edits to the document in the ledger eliminating fraudulent errors. If any stakeholder makes changes to the data, the edits will be reflected by all the stakeholders in the application. This makes the application data transparent and secure. Password Free Applications Passwords have turned out to be an integral part of application security, the hackers can break through them easily. It doesn’t matter if the password is tricky or not, smartphones are still vulnerable to a security breach. Blockchain Technology eliminates the need to integrate passwords in the system leading to password-free software making it nearly impossible to hack.Secure Mobile Payments Blockchain enables peer-to-peer transactions delivering quick, secure, and contactless payments. To make a secure payment, the user needs to share the other party’s account details and complete the transaction. The peer-to-peer network has turned out to be the most secure and affordable system for payment processing. Secure Mobile App Infrastructure Blockchain Technology integrated into an application allows the developers to store DNS entries on a decentralized platform. A security breach into the system is close to impossible, as the user data is controlled by the system and the transparent DNS protects the system. Keyless Security InfrastructureKeyless Security Infrastructure is used to store all data in cryptographic hash form. For verification, the hashing algorithm can be used. The main reason to use the algorithm is that any manipulations can be identified and monitored in real-time, offering superior mobile app security.Wrap Up Hopefully, the above article has enlightened your knowledge of Blockchain Technology for mobile app security. For more queries, connect to our team. If you are looking for a reliable Blockchain Development Company, you are at the right place. Hurry up! Talk to our experts now!

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Make Your Blockchain Move with these Data-Driven Insights!

Blockchain Technology redefines the technology space with the highest levels of security, efficiency, and accuracy. It is formally defined as a decentralized and distributed ledger. The Simplest Explanation of Blockchain Technology Blockchain is termed as a shared and immutable ledger facilitating the seamless recording of transactions and monitoring assets across a business network. A Blockchain network is made up of blocks, where every block signifies the recorded data. These blocks are linked together through cryptographic algorithms ensuring heightened security of data. Scroll Yourself to the Interesting Blockchain Numbers! The yearly spending on Blockchain Development services is increasing steadily. The future is close when this technology will dominate the business world. The table depicts the Global investment in Blockchain solutions yearly.Here’s the Dissection Report of a Block for You! Every block in the Blockchain consists of three parts. Let’s explore them: Data:Blockchain transaction information like date, time, transfer Block size, Transaction count, and transactions are included in it. Previous Hash:The hash of the previous block helps to create a linear chain of blocks in chronological orderCurrent Hash: The cryptographic hash is also known as block hash or current hash and is the primary identifier of the block. Blockchain Technology Benefits Making It a Cutting Edge TechnologySecurity: Blockchain technology uses cryptographic algorithms to encrypt the stored information ensuring heightened security. The data is encrypted in a code that has no meaning and is difficult to crack. Immutable: Blockchain technology is immutable and hence the data recorded in the blocks can’t be modified or altered by malicious parties or hackers. If one block is altered the whole chain has to be altered which is technically very hard or even impossible to do. Decentralized:Blockchain technology doesn’t have any governing central authority or middleman to control the data and assets. Since it is decentralized in nature, the transactions are spread across thousands or even millions of nodes in the network ensuring more autonomy or freedom to lower levels.Transparent:With Blockchain being a distributed ledger, all the information in the network can be accessed by everyone across the nodes. A change made on one node can be viewed by users across the Blockchain network. Easy and Fast information transfer and open to allWe Bet You Didn’t Know This About Blockchain Developers! Developers with in-depth knowledge of Blockchain Architecture who craft blockchain-based applications are defined as Blockchain developers. Let’s look into the types of Blockchain Developers: Core Blockchain Developers They will design the architecture of the ecosystem. This responsibility involves making decisions like Blockchain design and consensus mechanism. These developers are also responsible to handle security conventions. Blockchain Application Developers These developers are also known as decentralized software developers who create Blockchain applications or DApps. These developers must have knowledge of smart contracts before moving ahead with Blockchain development or DApp development. Blockchain 2022 Fact You Need to Ponder On! The industrial blockchain market size augmented to $85.64 billion in 2022. Here’s a list of the top 5 companies using Blockchain technology. Source: Forbes ( RWaltz- A Hub for Customized Blockchain Development Services! Carrying a vast experience in Blockchain development, our technology experts understand your requirements, analyze your industry needs and propose a solution to meet your business goals. Clients across business verticals trust us for reliable development servicesTo know more about our Blockchain Development Services, click here. Let’s ConcludeHopefully, the above article has enlightened your knowledge of Blockchain development. For further queries, connect to our Blockchain experts. If you are looking for a Blockchain development company, we can be the right choice for you. Hurry Up! Talk to us now!

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Top 6 Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare!

The evolutions in Blockchain have introduced a new way to manage the healthcare system. Blockchain technology has streamlined healthcare operations but automating processes and eliminating human intervention. Let’s dive in to explore how Healthcare can leverage Blockchain: Electronic Health Records Problems: The patient records are managed manually delaying patient care. It is difficult to scroll through the patient history as the doctors have to scan the entire file and reports. Also, doctors have an incomplete view of the patient’s medical history and have to carry out the medical tests freshly. The medical records are handled by humans and there are high chances of errors leading to patient death. Solution: Blockchain-based electronic health records automate healthcare management ensuring quick patient care. It provides a single view of patient medical history eliminating the need for doctors to scan the entire records every time the patient pays a visit. These records are managed by the Blockchain system and hence the possibility of deaths due to human errors is nearly zero. Also, patients can seamlessly transfer their medical care from one hospital to another. Benefits: Automation Digitization Quick Patient care Reduce human errorsMedical Insurance Problem: With the current system, there have been too many disputes regarding the settlement of medical insurance. Also, the process has been long and expensive due to the involvement of multiple parties. The files travel for signatures to multiple offices, the insured person needs to visit the office regularly, leading to delays in the settlement. Many times, the insurance companies have failed to settle the claim. Solution: Blockchain-based medical insurance system offers seamless settlement of claims where the conditions are defined on smart contracts. Since the conditions are predefined on smart contracts they are immutable and this eliminates disputes between the parties. Smart contracts terminate the long processes and automate the claim settlement reducing delays and expenses. The blockchain-based system offers multi-party digital signatures and eliminates the need for files to travel to multiple offices. This reduces the delays. Benefits: Quick Claim Settlement Automation Digital SignaturesDrug Supply Chain Problem: The current system is not able to monitor the drugs at every phase and this results in mislabelling of drugs, or even counterfeit drugs being consumed by the patients. The pharma departments in the hospitals managed the inventory manually resulting in overstock or stockouts of drugs. Also, it was difficult to trace the errors that occurred in the supply chain phase. Solution: The Blockchain-based system offers real-time tracking of drugs at every phase of the supply chain ensuring appropriate drugs are consumed by the patients. Also, the system records the demand and supply automatically avoiding the situations like overstocks and stockouts. Benefits: Real-time drug monitoring Reducing counterfeit drugs Appropriate inventory management Credential Verification Problem: For hiring the clinical staff, the management has to go through a long process to verify the documents, background, and much more. This process is carried out via email and might take a long time to complete the process. Also, there is a high possibility of records being mishandled or misplaced.Solution: The blockchain-based system records all the documents and certificates on the blocks, linking them to candidate IDs or contact numbers. The process is automated and doesn’t involve mail communication or paperwork, thus reducing delays. Since the process eliminates human intervention the possibility of errors and records being mishandled is near to impossible. Benefits: Digitized process Quick hiringClinical Trials Problem: During the trials, a huge volume of data is generated, and managing it to provide accurate results for the study is a tedious task. There have been increasing cases of trail information, patient details, or even staff credential being breached. Solution: The blockchain-based system offers a decentralized ledger to manage huge volumes of data and provide accurate results for studies. The clinical trial information is recorded in an encrypted format and hence the probability of hackers accessing the information is next to zero. The system maintains the privacy of officials working on the trials. Benefits: Privacy Security Decentralized SystemTransaction Control Problem: The hospitals process thousands of claim settlements and remittances daily. Hackers can easily get into the system and access the data resulting in heavy fraud. The transactions include multiple intermediaries like banks leading to additional charges or taxes. The possibility of overdue payments is also increasing and is handled manually leading to errors. Solution: The Blockchain-based system encrypts the transaction details ensuring a secure system preventing fraud. The transaction occurs directly between the two parties eliminating intermediaries and reducing third-party transaction taxes. For underpayments or overdue payments, the blockchain system directly generates an alert and automatically reports it to the authority.Benefits: Secure Transactions Real-time updates Wrap Up Hopefully, the above article has enlightened your knowledge of Blockchain use cases in healthcare. If you are a healthcare provider and looking to streamline your operations, RWaltz - A blockchain development company is the best choice for you.Get in touch with us now and understand how our services will modernize your healthcare architecture. Hurry up! Go the extra mile to deliver extra care to your patients.

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