Leveraging Blockchain features to ensure Seamless Functioning of E-Commerce

Few Countries legalized the use of cannabis for its medicinal purpose. But few countries still have imposed laws and orders making any kind of use of cannabis as illegal. In such a scenario, tracing the cannabis products was a very important part. Blockchain Technology came up with a boon for the cannabis market. It solved many problems for the products with the properties of Blockchain.

  • Ensured 100% customer safety and compliance through Blockchain.
  • Storing the products over Blockchain-enabled maintaining the record of medical composition to deliver untampered medicines.

Blockchain-Powered Cannabis Ecosystem 


Through our Blockchain Solutions, we helped Chow420 to certify CBD products enforcing accurate labels and customer safety. We also assisted Chow to automate the compliance with state hemp laws, taxes, and age requirements in real-time. 

  • E-Commerce Platform: We developed best in class, user-friendly, and smooth functioning E-Commerce Platform for our client’s stakeholders.


  •  Products over Blockchain: For maintaining the record of the products easily, we have implemented those products over Binance Smart Chain.


  • Data Security: Leveraging the Blockchain properties to secure the data and prevent copyright issues.


  •  The admin panel enables the authorized people to keep a track of the products bought and sold delivering a detailed analysis report.

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