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RWaltz Provides Big Data Services for Strategy Consulting, Big Data Implementation, and Big Data Management. Leading Big Data Service offerings for Data Integration and Storage, Real-Time Data Processing and Building Analytics-Driven Application Development.

Big Data Experts

Data Analytics

Collect and organize all your data to precisely analyze your audiences.

Data Collection

Source the data from first-party, online, offline and third party providers.

Data Ingestion

Validate the datasets, then prioritize the sources for optimum processing.

Data Visualization

Publish the actionable intelligence concluded from the logical analytics.

Data Integration

Upload the data onto the Hadoop Cluster from various first-party data sources combine and blend the same with a wide range of online, offline and third party data sources to classify in context to the marketing needs.

Data Mining

Develop and apply the algorithms to capture all of knowledge insights about your targets by finding patterns, analyzing sequences, clustering and predicting.

Audience Analytics

Uncover interesting insights and leads about your audience resulting in lucrative opportunity identification.

Audience Segmentation

Identify custom audience segments from first-party consumers data to develop tailored marketing activities like cross-sell, up-sell, new product awareness, high lifetime value and more. For example, Sports & Music Events attendees as the audience under study.

Persona Definition

Higher accuracy rationale of your customers' behavior through their actions are driven by studied intentions and tailor your campaign innovative enough to be more relevant and irresistibly effective - Implemented in Telecom industry

Audience Demographic Mix

Quantify the demographic mix of audiences that are targeted and understand how effectively the marketing strategies are hitting the right audience.

Behaviour Syndication

Count up the intelligence to all your marketing activities by integrating audience insights to systems that determine the movement patterns.

Customer Churn Analytics

Leverage Analytics and increase customer retention in the ultra-competitive market environment. Churn analysis is a staple of Big Data and predictive analytics. Understanding and calculating the Churn and Build models to identify the aggregation of customers and calculate the churn.
Cohort Analysis

Analysis with various common defining characteristics such as age, income, location, ethnicity and more.

Usage Behaviour Analysis

Analyze the service or product usage habits and activity.

Competition Analysis

Blend the analytics with the online competitor's offers, promotions and time.

Churn Probability

Forecast the Attrition Rate and take preventive measures - Implemented in Telecom Industry


Optimize processes and reduce your costs.

Gain insights on the best mix to produce the Greatest Profit

Capture machine-level information and monitor the frequency of your line manufacturing certain types of products and track the time and effort resulting in optimum output.

Study and Granular Utilization Data

Identify the days or hours of maximum output and analyze the mix with other players, influencing factors and effective conditions and then set the system to reproduce those outcomes day-to-day.

Error occurrences rates correlated by Product and Operator

Use Big Data and analytics tools to study error rates and then correlate the results by results by products and workers and make necessary smarter decisions on training, incentives and others.

Assembly Speed by Product

Use Big Data and analytics tools to segment production to better understand what products are easier to produce and then ask your floor leaders why particulars on specialty and so on to understand the benefits of changing your mix.

Quality Assurance

By better defect and cause tracking analyzing the historical data.

Preventive Maintenance

Higher accuracy in understanding and attaining better plant & machinery performance across multiple metrics - Implemented in the Beverage Industry.

Technologies We Work On

With a multi-disciplinary team of e-commerce web developers, we help you create unique digital experiences for your e-commerce business. Whether it's about extending the existing capabilities of your e-commerce site or building a completely new brand experience from the ground up, our expertise and the available range of solutions empower you to deliver high-impact solutions.

Tools & Technologies
Our Recent Business Solutions
Blockchain Supply Chain

Blockchain provides solutions that transform all facets of the supply chain, with a careful focus on logistics. Transparency and Traceability are some of the most important needs of logistics and supply chain management, and Blockchain can optimize business transactions and trading relationships with robustly secure, global business networks.

Blockchain Gift Coupon, E-voucher, E-share System

One of the most important topics in discussion that marketing practitioners operating in the digital coupon markets usually deal with in the past few years is fraud and misuse in the discount coupons and redemption process. Most of them admit that it is not so easy to track or identify the individuals that redeem coupons printed or distributed in traditional methods, say newsprint.

Hyperledger Supply Chain

Implementation of uthabiti using hyperledger composer & fabric, addressing the issue of handling & storing critical data necessary at different stages of medicine supply chain and making it verifiable by all stakeholders in medicine supply chain and verify the medicine by a consumer using barcode.

Betteing Bureo

The authorized betting can provide a good platform for the Cryptocurrency market savvy to invest their money and get small gains over a period of time. The Blockchain based Smart Contracts provides the most important advantage to this platform which is Trust. Evey bet and the winner data stored on the blockchain so all data is public and no one can tamper it.

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Low cost end-to-end process automation solution for our manufacturing and whole enterprise operations. Prompt customer service.

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