AI vs. ML vs. DL

Deep learning is a subset of Machine learning, and Machine learning is a subset of Artifical Intelligence, which is an umbrella term for any trained and smart computer program.

Banking and Financial Services
1. Realtime Loan to Value Ratio Indicators
  • Enable Banks to issue or restrict processing new loan applications based on LTV Ratio
  • Centralized Real Estate Centric Model representing all properties that are used as collateral
  • Phenomenal Reduction in Loan Processor's time
2. Loan Default Prediction
  • Visibility of all loan defaults by customer across all loan portfolios
  • Predictive Model to forecast loan defaults for customers
  • Marketing Team to target customers with Low indicators to upsell other Loan Products.
3. Loan Pipeline Optimization
  • Enabling data elements in the data lake and help the loan processors to understand their customers better and faster
  • A search engine to enable to search for customer profiles along with all loan activates
  • Connect to ( platform and ingest Loan pipeline data into the data lake
4. Realtime Liquidity Risk Dashboard
  • Track Deposits, Withdrawals, and Loan Payments as they occur and how It impacts the Bank’s Risk
  • Built a Monte-Carlo Simulation models to run what-if analysis
  • Dashboard with all critical KPIs required to monitor the Operation and Credit Risk Indicators

Fraud Detection

Possibility and Types

As a top-down approach create a profile that includes a list of various areas of possible fraud occurrences and their probable fraud types from the quantitative data.

Risk Measurement

Quantify the risk of fraud and deal with the high priorities by monitoring the ones crossing the statistical parameters.

Ad-hoc Testing

Perform ad-hoc testing and identify indicators of fraud and establish a good risk-assessment system.

Pattern Investigation

Investigate patterns and indicators that emerge in the process.

Report and Fix

Event-driven notifications to the management immediately with the mishappening activity monitoring and alerts and fix any broken controls immediately.

Build the model and Repeat

Quantify the impacts on customizable dashboards and build a cost-effective program with immediate returns - Implemented in Financial Institutions.

Our Recent Business Solutions
Blockchain Supply Chain

Blockchain provides solutions that transform all facets of the supply chain, with a careful focus on logistics. Transparency and Traceability are some of the most important needs of logistics and supply chain management, and Blockchain can optimize business transactions and trading relationships with robustly secure, global business networks.

Blockchain Gift Coupon, E-voucher, E-share System

One of the most important topics in discussion that marketing practitioners operating in the digital coupon markets usually deal with in the past few years is fraud and misuse in the discount coupons and redemption process. Most of them admit that it is not so easy to track or identify the individuals that redeem coupons printed or distributed in traditional methods, say newsprint.

Hyperledger Supply Chain

Implementation of uthabiti using hyperledger composer & fabric, addressing the issue of handling & storing critical data necessary at different stages of medicine supply chain and making it verifiable by all stakeholders in medicine supply chain and verify the medicine by a consumer using barcode.

Betteing Bureo

The authorized betting can provide a good platform for the Cryptocurrency market savvy to invest their money and get small gains over a period of time. The Blockchain based Smart Contracts provides the most important advantage to this platform which is Trust. Evey bet and the winner data stored on the blockchain so all data is public and no one can tamper it.


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