What We Do

We develop Blockchain Decentralized Apps & Smart Contracts relevant to your industry (public/private/consortium)

Big Data is a problem turned opportunity where Hadoop is the Solution. We are Cloudera Certified Hadoop Practitioners mainly serving major Telecom company in Big Data Analytics.

End-to-end AI/ML Model development, deployment and execution in Spark Clusters, TensorFlow, Pandas, Sklearn. with BI /Data Visualization dashboards in PowerBI, Tableau.

ERP Solutions

Flexible Cloud & On-Premise ERP Solutions to support various enterprise modules along with extensive accounting package.

Delivering Web applications i.e dynamic websites with server side programming and SEO with complex functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers.

We build amazing Android and iOS apps on various platforms with free strategic consultation globally.

blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is best known for being the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether (the currency of Ethereum), but blockchain is much more than an instrument of finance. Blockchain serves as a bookkeeping platform or ledger that is incorruptible, enforces transparency, and bypasses censorship.

Futuristic Innovation
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futuristic innovation
What We Offer
Best in class services delivered.
RWaltz is committed to empowering the researchers, creative & passionate people to explore their talent by the medium of a Blockchain Development, AI/ML, Big Data & Hadoop, Data Science, ERP and more so that our two main goals would be satisfied, which are,
  • Bring Leading Edge and Trusted Technologies to Benefit the Clients
  • Fulfill the Exact Need of a Client On-Budget and On-Time.
We are here to help you in making your dreams into reality. We are having the people who are best in their job role, committed to working within the estimated time, they want to be challenged and improve themselves, and making you 100% satisfied.
what we offer
Our Recent Projects

We've made a collection of some of our latest projects websites featured here. Using Blockchain Technology we have developed Blockchain Based Decentralized Supply Chain Platform, Blockchain Based Gift Coupon System, Cryptocurrency Voting Platform and Airdrops for Cryptocurrency. Also, you will see Web Development project like Booking System i.e Online 24/7 Appointment Booking for any type of business.

Blockchain Based Supply Chain

Blockchain provides Transparency and Traceability that some of the most important needs of logistics and supply chain management, and Blockchain can optimize business transactions and trading relationships with robustly secure, global business networks.

Gift Coupon System

One of the most important topics in discussion that marketing practitioners operating in the digital coupon markets usually deal with in the past few years is fraud and misuse in the discount coupons and redemption process.

Cryptocurrency Voting Platform and Airdrop Application

This is one of the major cryptocurrency in the crypto market. Voting Platform and reward logic according to the membership level and a number of users. An anonymous transaction for secure payments to prevent hacking and keep user anonymity.

Booking System

The most convenient way to book appointments online for any type of business worldwide. Appointments booked through this Web Application can easily be rescheduled or canceled without needing to call the business directly.

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